Good food and good destination are enough to draw people again and again to that place. There are many great places all over the world that is popular for good food and Cameron Highlands is one of those that have been providing some of the best cuisines in the world. There are many restaurants and food courts in Cameron Highlands that are known to provide some of the best local cuisines and others from all round the globe. Food is an important asset of any country’s tourism and that is why the best tourist places in this world are also the places that are known for its delicacies. So let’s find out some of the delicacies that Cameron Highlands serve to the people that come to form all round the world.

Steamboat at Restaurant Ferm Nyonya – This is one of the popular places that serves some of the best local dishes in the country and much of the credit goes to the taste and the servers that are professionals and they are very much friendly, keeping the basic of customer service intact. Restaurant Ferm Nyonya serves different types of cuisines that are very popular all over the country and some of its amazing cuisines are chicken rending, Assam seafood, spicy and sour bean curd, sambal beans etc. These are very popular among the tourist and the local people and that is why at Restaurant Ferm Nyonya is always crowded. People want to taste here all the time and they come back again and again. The restaurant is located on the Tanah Rata road which is near to the Maybank. Steamboat is a very popular dish in the country and it is prepared with meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings, and seafood and served with sauce.

Nyonya kuih-muih at Uncle Chow’s Kopitiam – Nyonya kuih-muih is another popular dish that is very popular in the country among the people. This dish is prepared by sweet that is baked and it is basically a type of snack. This delicious dish is served at Uncle Chow’s Kopitiam which is a popular restaurant located on Tanah Rata road. There are many other dishes that this restaurant serves to the people such as the noodles, nasi lemak, toast etc.

Assam fish in Golden Win Restaurant – Assam fish dish is very famous in this country and other parts of the world. This dish is prepared by sea fish and served with hot curry and this dish is originally from the Indian origin. Apart from this dish steamboat is also very much popular in this restaurant and there are many people who come here every day to taste the best in the business. The ambience is very cool and the staff is professional and if you want to taste the best Assam fish dish in the country you need to come over to the Golden Win restaurant that is located in Brinchang.

Hotplate tofu at You Hoo Seafood Restaurant – Hotplate tofu has always been the best of all cuisines that are from the east and it has been a long time since this dish came to existence. This is originally a Chinese dish and over the years has become very popular among the people all over the world. Hotplate tofu is prepared from egg, mushrooms, stalk spring onions, minced meat, potato starch, spicy bean sauce and several other ingredients. You Hoo Seafood Restaurant also serve other types of dishes such as an herbal pig trotter and Indonesian curry fish.

These are some of the delicacies that Cameroon highlights service to the people that come here every year. So if you are in Cameroon highlights, do not miss the above delicacies.